Build a fully Systemized Lead Tracking Machine 
(without being a tech whiz😉)

In Just 5 Days

Capture more leads and gain HUGE confidence in your investing strategy without second-guessing yourself in five, 1-hour sessions.

The next #DirtHackerChallenge starts Tuesday, February 20!

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Registration ends February 18 at 11:59PM PST!


Join for a one-time,
discounted payment of $47!

Are you a...

  • Brand new land investor who’s lost motivation because you can’t break through the mess and get organized?
  • Newbie land investor who’s found some success but doesn’t have a reliable way to consistently repeat those wins?
  • ​Seasoned investor stuck in a rigid, hodge podge system that isn’t scalable or flexible enough to accommodate new strategies?
  • Non tech savvy land investor?

Well, THIS challenge is for you 🫵

Whether you’ve just gotten started or need some direction in running your land business, confidence comes from concrete, repeatable and scalable processes; NOT going with your gut.

What if you could:

  • ​Build an acquisition site
  • ​​Develop a lead intake machine
  • ​Complete your mail offer strategy
  • ​​Create a test to optimize those mailers
  • ​​Set up SOPs to ensure it’s all repeatable AND scalable
  • Have a systematic process to qualify leads & track deals


Here’s how we help you hack and build (or rebuild) a system


days of training.
straightforward missions.

Here’s the roadmap for the real wins you’ll end each 1-hour session with:

Day 1 Mission:

🎯 Complete system flow plan & acquisition site setup

We hit the ground running and start off by setting up your unique system flow. A plan that help you optimize your land business and 3X your productivity. Once that's done, we'll build out a complete acquisition site.

  • ​Access to Pebble
  • ​Review​ the Roadmap
  • Create system flow and build an acquisition site

Day 2 Mission:

✉️ Create mail offer strategy & split test variation

Who said mail’s dead? A killer mailer strategy is *required* for land investing. Together we’ll build out your offer strategy and show you how to optimize (and improve!) your mailing through split testing.

  • Learn the ideal mailing strategies for your business
  • ​Build out your custom offer letters
  • Optimize with split testing

Day 3 Mission:

🔗 Connect pipeline for leads to flow to one place

The big benefit of getting organized is ensuring you never miss a lead and the simplest way to do that is to merge where they all go. 

  • ​Create unified inbox
  • ​Know how to systemize your leads
  • ​No more leads falling through the cracks

Day 4 Mission:

🗣️ Create call scripts, website forms & record voicemails

Time to ensure your phone lines and website are fine-tuned for lead capture. Our stockpile of real-world tested forms, scripts and voicemails are yours to use as is or customize.

  • ​Setup Patlive call answering ​and website forms
  • ​Be prepared for the next step with follow up scripts
  • Learn to passively capture and manage lead information

Day 5 Mission:

🚀 Develop SOPs and a delegation gameplan

Scaling without a plan is tough. We’ll define which SOPs matter most and highlight which tasks are critical to delegate so you have a plan and the tools ready before you feel overwhelmed.

  • Build a list of tasks for eventual delegation
  • ​Create mission critical SOPs
  • ​Be ready for growth

In 5 days you'll have a fully systematized business
that’s primed to scale.

The cost for guiding you through building a real, rock solid foundation for your business, step-by-step?

Just $47.


Hear what other #DirtHackers have said:

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PLUS, on top of a scalable system for only $47, you’ll also get:

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  • FREE EXTENDED Trial of Pebble (normally 2 weeks, you’ll get 4).... $197
  • ​Dirt Hacker Challenge Roadmap........................................................... $47
  • ​Dirt Hacker Growth Playbook................................................................ $97
  • ​Unfair Advantage Cheat Sheets........................................................... $107
  • ​Real-World Tested Website Forms, Call Scripts & Voicemails........... $109
  • ​Dirt Hacker Challenge T-shirt (upon completion of challenge).........​ $36
  • ​Pebble "Land Is Messy" Cap.................................................................​ $36
  • BONUS: Training from Prycd on Pulling a List..................................... $147

Total value: $704

What you pay:

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This challange is NOT to teach you land investing strategy. It’s to help you hack away what doesn’t work and build a one-of-a-kind system to suit whatever your personal land investing strategy is.

This is NOT a blanket, one-size-fits-all system.

Each land business is unique so your system and all the processes we help you build need to suit YOU.

Let’s get hackin'!
It all starts
February [day].

So how about it?

You’re only 5 days (and far less than the cost of a tank of gas) away from having a system that can 3x your productivity – at least.

And the best thing?

After taking less than 1 week to build an evergreen lead capture machine, it’s possible to eventually see 10x growth in your business by continuing to optimize that system.

Once you decide you’re in, you’ll immediately get a welcome guide to prep you for the challenge.

Nothing wild, just a few things to get you pumped:

  • ​​The roadmap – which we outlined above​ 😊
  • Access to our 5 & 6 figure flippers Facebook and Slack groups
  • ​A little video like the one up top to welcome you again and tell you exactly what to expect
  • ​​A short exercise to figure out your why – it’s important for everything in life, not just land investing, so if you can start your journey with a strong, crystal clear why, it really helps things fall into place)

Easy peasy 👌

Systemize. Organize. Capitalize.

5 days of guided, hands-on training from veteran land investors and system-building specialists

A message from our instructor

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Jessey Kwong

Founder + Voice of the REI Conversion Podcast

Full transparency, I helped myself first.

I got into landing investing for the same reason you did, an AMAZING and largely untapped opportunity to make money. At first it was pretty easy and it didn’t matter that the operations I was running were messy

...But then everyone and their grandmother heard about land investing and margins magically started to get thinner. The system became the differentiator and the moneymaker. I tinkered, experimented and hacked away at the process, eventually building Pebble with the aim of making system-building for land investors EASY.

The goal isn’t just to buy and sell land haphazardly – or to teach you land investing – it’s to help you build a machine that can 10x your efficiency and deal flow. Even as competition gets stiffer. While 10x-ing has as much to do with strategy as it does systemizing, there’s another benefit that everyone gets from optimizing: 

Buying back 50% of your time (or more!)

Systems create efficiency and save time, letting you focus attention on what really matters in your land business. Long story short, anyone can build and fine-tune the systems to create that machine. I get it though, building and learning a new machine sounds scary and overwhelming. It can be frustrating to abandon your current system, despite its flaws and limitations, to rebuild a new one.

You don’t have to be a tech genius to create efficient systems.

Give me 5 days (just an hour a day!) and we’ll have you organized and operating a well-oiled land investing system.

Here’s the guarantee:

  • ​​No coding websites
  • ​No complex tech involved
  • No convoluted and confusing jargon
  • ​Help at each step from my team and I

Dirt Hacker Growth Playbook

We’d call it a workbook but once you fill this puppy in, it becomes your playbook for scaling


The worksheets show the thought process behind your system.

Through the course of the 5-day Dirt Hacker Challenge, these worksheets will be where you document the how and why of everything you’re hacking and building so you can refer back to it whenever needed.

They're the foundation for growing your business.

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That includes creating:

  • ​Your system flow plan (it’s fine if you’re not sure what that is, I’ll explain inside)
  • ​Your mail offer strategy (and a split testing variation to start the process of optimizing it!)
  • ​Your acquisition site (a pro site with all the critical elements laid out for you!)
  • ​Your connected and centralized pipeline (so you never lose a lead!)
  • ​Your scripts, forms and voicemails (aka the secret sauce for streamlining)

Lead landing website forms + streamlining call scripts AND recorded voicemails

Systems are built on optimizing repetitive actions.

With land investing, repeating the wrong things can quickly have you hearing crickets. Confusing forms can turn hot leads cold. Long call scripts can drain your answering service budget.

Optimize your lead capture:

  • ​Learn how to streamline your messaging
  • Discover how to collect​ only the necessary​ info
  • ​Get access to our treasure trove of proven forms, scripts and voicemails​
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Supercharged Acquisition Site

Trust. Transparency. Conversion.

How many times have you been to a website and had that feeling that something about it isn’t right? Maybe it’s the layout, the font, the images or graphics, the wording, the navigation...there’s a lot that goes into making a site feel good.


Your acquisition site is a reflection of your business.

It showcases your professionalism.

"But why do I need a site if my leads typically come by phone?"

At Pebble, we see a 20% increase in leads
when users have a pro site.


Why? Professional websites build trust.

Plus, you can tell your story, people see your face and can hear your voice.
Those are powerful FREE tools you already have.

The #DirtHackerChallenge will:

  • ​Help you set up a site using stylish ​templates you can customize to fit your brand
  • Guide you in crafting messaging that resonates with your buyers/sellers
  • Give you the tools to​ connect and communicate with interested parties
  • ​And perhaps most importantly, improve your confidence​
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All Systems Go!

Once you have a system built, your inbox & lead pipeline connected, your site built and mailers complete (+ split test variations)...what’s next?

L A U N C H 🚀

Now it's time get some leads in!
The next step is activating those campaigns and optimizing each part of the process. The more you mail, the more you can improve and quicker you can scale.

Not bad for less than a week’s work, amiright?

Why now?

Why NOT now?

This challenge kicks off in February for a reason. The start of the year is the best time to double down and go all in. Everything is ahead of you.

You already started the land investing journey, NOW is the time to really shape it.

Systemize. Organize. Capitalize.

In just 5 days, you’ll get systemized and organized so you can capitalize and grow.

What's the payoff?

  • Build a better life for yourself and your family?
  • ​Live life on your own terms?
  • ​​Replace your 9-5?

The payoff is what you decide.
We’ll help you build the scalable and efficient system to get there.

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We seek to break and rebuild what we recognize as un-scalable. We embrace and leverage technology and processes to reclaim our freedom in our business - and to build a different kind of land business.

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