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The #DirtHacker Challenge Runs From:
March 4-March 8, 2024
​9:00am PST/12pm EST


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Check all the questions where your answer is YES!

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If You Checked ANY Of The Boxes Above,
THIS Challenge Is For You

Whether you’ve just gotten started or need some direction in running your land business, confidence comes from concrete, repeatable and scalable processes; NOT going with your gut.

What if you could:

  • ​Get on the path to 10x growth
  • ​Put your land business on autopilot
  • ​​​​Outsource all the​ tasks you don't want to do
  • ​Find exactly the right people to join your team​
  • ​​Automate away all of​ your​ time consuming tasks
  • Ensure critical processes are getting done without you
  • ​Focus only on what you enjoy doing within your business


Use the H.A.C.K Framework to build a system- and process-driven business


Days of

Check out the roadmap of the real wins you’ll end each 1-hour session with:

Day 1: Hone Your "Why"

🎯Clarify your why & learn the H.A.C.K. Framework

A business meant to be a side-hustle and one to replace your W2 job are built differently. Your WHY shapes everything; let’s find it. Then we’ll dig into the rest of the H.A.C.K. framework to help you boost productivity by 10x.

  • Sharpen your big ‘why’
  • ​Build trust with the group by sharing wins and challenges
  • ​Introduce details about the rest of the H.A.C.K. Framework
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Day 2: Automate Tasks

🚀Understand exactly what & how to start automating

Let's identify which tasks you can automate away for some serious time savings. We'll go through the nitty-gritty of building automated workflows with Zapier and show you to create a smoother land investing system.

  • Demystify automation creation (it's easier than you think!)
  • ​Learn which tasks are ideal for automation
  • ​Get repetitive tasks off your plate
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Day 3: Create Processes

🔗Build the repeatable processes you need to scale

Repeatable processes are the secret to scaling. We’ll help you pinpoint which ones to create for your business, including building SOPs and playbooks for them, so you can get out of day-to-day operations.

  • Discover which parts of your business need processes
  • ​Find out the easiest method to record SOPs
  • ​Explore examples of solid processes
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Day 4: Know Your Team

📝Learn who to hire, how to do it and when

The next step in scaling: hiring and team building. We’ll take you from finding which roles to fill in your business to spotting the perfect hire to seamless integration and training.

  • ​Understand the roles you can hire for
  • ​Learn to write  a compelling job post
  • How to filter through candidates
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Day 5: Put Your Business on Autopilot

🚀Implementation and review

Recap day! We cover a lot in days 1-4 and this last day is all about making sure you’re well-equipped to move forward with your automations and processes so you can effectively implement your new workflow.

  • Discuss next steps for your business
  • ​Learn more about Pebble and our integrations
  • A final live Q&A so you can move forward with confidence
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In 5 days you'll have a land business
that’s primed to scale by 10x.

The cost for guiding you through building a real, rock solid foundation for your business, step-by-step?

Just $249 $5.

(Less than a fancy schmancy coffee at Starbucks😉)


Hear what other #DirtHackers have said:

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What's inside the challenge?

  • ​5 Days of LIVE Coaching With Jessey ............................................... $445
  • ​LIVE Facilitator and Coaches During the Challenges! ...................... $150
  • ​LIVE Land Investing Expert Guest Speakers ..................................... $150
  • ​Access to 3 EXCLUSIVE Books ........................................................... $50
  • ​FREE! 30 DAY PEBBLE EXTENDED TRIAL .......................................... $249

Total value: $1044

What you pay:

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This challenge is NOT designed to teach you a land investing strategy.

This challenge is designed to help you hack away what's slowing you down
and build a one-of-a-kind system to suit your personal land investing strategy.

This challenge is NOT a blanket, one-size-fits-all system.

Each land business is unique so the system and
all the processes we help you design and build will suit YOU.

Let’s get hackin'!
It all starts
October 9.

So how about it?

You’re only 5 days (and far less than the cost of a tank of gas) away from having a system that can 3x your productivity – at least.

And the best thing?

After taking less than 1 week to build an evergreen lead capture machine, it’s possible to eventually see 10x growth in your business by continuing to optimize that system.

Once you decide you’re in, you’ll immediately get a welcome guide to prep you for the challenge.

Nothing wild, just a few things to get you pumped:

  • ​​The roadmap – which we outlined above​ 😊
  • Access to our 5 & 6 figure flippers Facebook and Slack groups
  • ​A little video like the one up top to welcome you again and tell you exactly what to expect
  • ​​A short exercise to figure out your why – it’s important for everything in life, not just land investing, so if you can start your journey with a strong, crystal clear why, it really helps things fall into place)

Easy peasy 👌

Systemize. Organize. Capitalize.

5 days of guided, hands-on training from veteran land investors and system-building specialists

A message from your instructor

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Jessey Kwong

Co-founder of Pebble

Full transparency, I helped myself first.

I got into landing investing for the same reason you did, an AMAZING and largely untapped opportunity to build financial freedom and buy back my time to do more of things I love, like spending more time with the family.

At first it was pretty easy and it didn’t matter that the operations I was running were a total mess.

Looking back at it, it looked more like a 'casual hobby'.

No systems. No processes. Lots of Excel spreadsheets. Certainly no automations.

...But then it happened...

Everyone and their grandmother heard about land investing and margins magically started to shrink - and fast.

My system became the differentiator and the moneymaker.

I tinkered, experimented and hacked away at the process, eventually building Pebble with the aim of making system-building for land investors SIMPLE.

No crazy tech knowledge required.

The goal isn’t just to buy and sell land haphazardly – or to teach you land investing – it’s to help you create processes that can 10x your efficiency, growth and deal flow even as competition gets stiffer.

Of course, success has as much to do with strategy as it does systemizing, but optimizing your processes gives you another major benefit, the ability to...

...Buy back 50% of your time (or more!)

Because repeatable systems create efficiency, giving you back the time to focus your attention on what really matters in your land business.

The beauty is that anyone can build and fine-tune the systems to jet fuel their land business.

I get it though, building and learning a new machine sounds scary and overwhelming. It can be frustrating to abandon your current system that "works" despite its flaws and limitations and jump into a rebuilding journey chock full of things you may not be familiar with.

I've been there before. Remember that greatness and all the things you crave are on the other side of that fear.

Give me 5 days (and just 1 hour a day!) and I’ll give you clarity on how to build your land business and show you how to continue systemizing and scaling it - all without tons of tech.

This IS for you if:

  • ​​​You're an active Land Investor
  • ​You're a Land Investor with a strategy
  • ​You are actively marketing for properties​

This is NOT for you if:

  • ​​You're brand new to land investing
  • ​​You do not want to scale their business
  • You're looking for a land investing strategy

Grab your spot for
just $5!


Dirt Hacker Growth Workbook

We’d call it a workbook but once you fill this puppy in, it becomes your playbook for scaling


The worksheets show the thought process behind your system.

Through the course of the 5-day Dirt Hacker Challenge, these worksheets will be where you document the how and why of everything you’re hacking and building so you can refer back to it whenever needed.

They're the foundation for growing your business.

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What’s in the Workbook?

  • ​Exercises to Find Your Why – Your Big Why likely isn’t on the surface level, these help you find it
  • Task Automation Guide – ID which tasks to automate and complete the Zapier Mapper worksheet
  • Process Building Manual – Spell out processes step-by-step to truly understand what they entail
  • SOP Building Tools – Craft standard operating procedures (SOPs), aka  playbooks, for each process
  • ​Hiring Roadmap – Nail the who, what, when and how of  building your team
  • ​BONUS: Cheatsheets and scripts


Learn directly from trusted names in the industry

We’ve featured many of the top land investors out there on our podcast…and we’re bringing some of them into the challenge!

Discover the tips, tactics and secrets that have propelled them to the top. It's an unparalleled opportunity to soak in knowledge, refine your approach and fast track your success. Don't miss the chance to be guided by some of the best in the business!

The #DirtHackerChallenge will help you:

  • ​Boost your productivity
  • Put your business on autopilot
  • ​Get out of day-to-day operations and busywork
  • ​Hire the best person for the job when the time comes
  • ​Buy back time so you can focus on tasks that create value
  • And perhaps most importantly, massively improve your confidence​​
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Once you have a reliable workflow - one with automated tasks, crystal clear processes and a defined pathway for hiring - what’s next?

L A U N C H 🚀

The next step is launching into the new era of your land investing journey with confidence.

Where you're working on your business, not in your business.

Not bad for less than a week’s work, amiright?

Why now?

Why NOT now?

You already started the land investing journey;
NOW is the time to really shape it.

Time to get out of your way and
into the driver seat of your land business.

Seize the opportunity, take the leap.

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So, are you ready to 10x your growth?

In just 5 days, we'll help you get systemized and organized so you can capitalize and grow.

What's the payoff?

  • Build a better life for yourself and your family?
  • ​Live life on your own terms?
  • ​​Replace your 9-5?

The payoff is whatever you decide but having a scalable and efficient system will give you the confidence to get there faster.

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We seek to break and rebuild what we recognize as un-scalable. We embrace and leverage technology and processes to reclaim our freedom in our business - and to build a different kind of land business.

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